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Abrasive Tools

We offer a wide range of abrasive tools, include resinbond cutoff wheel, resinbond grinding wheel, flap disc, Velcro sanding disc, PSA sanding disc, fibre disc, semiflex fibre disc, sanding paper, sanding belt, also spongy block, etc, in aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and zirconium oxide.
Our resinbonded cutoff wheels are made of selected high,quality abrasives and synthetic resin reinforcing by special fabrics.
Our resinbonded grinding Wheels are made for a wide use of heavy stock removal in foundries, welding shops, metal fabricators, steel mills, shipyards etc.
We offer a wide range sanding paper, such as Velcro sanding paper, PSA sanding paper, clothe base sanding paper, with different grit material such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, zirconium oxide, etc.
Any size of sanding belt is available, with different grit material such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, zirconium oxide, etc. Also can offer diamond sanding belt.
Different shapes of grinding stone is available, used for Granite, Marble, Concrete, Bricks , Masonry, other stone types. Offer long lasting and fast cutting, no burn and no grinding mark on stone.
Our flap discs are suitable for different kinds of applications. With a performance of wide abrasive surface, constant wear, continuous exposure of new grit, high and even cutting performance.
Semiflex fibre disc is made up from a special fiber backing on which has been anchored a multilayers of fast cutting silicone carbide grits, very resistant to mechanical stresses. It is suitable for beveling of corners and for cleaning operations on granites, marble, ceramic and other manufactured aggregates.
Fibre Discs are by far the most popular coated abrasive product used in industry. Constructed with a heavy vulcanized fibre back, they are coated with abrasive grains and bonded with a tough, heat resistant resin. This results in a durable, cool and fast cutting action. A wide variety of grinding abrasive material is available.
Our sanding spongy block, has different sizes and density, with double face or four faces coating, with aluminum oxide or silicon carbide, suitable for polishing furniture, paint, kitchen equipments, wood , wall, floor etc.