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We offer: drum wheel, router bits, router profile, tile cutter, concrete cutter, plate compactor, concrete vibrator, power trowel, core drill machine, tamping rammer, etc. With CE certificate and suit for different market.
Our tile saw has a greater length of travel compared to most other tile saws (14 in. diagonally and 20 in. tile). The design of this tile saw is very durable and dependable because it is made from die cast aluminum. Our tile saw comes equipped with a 1 ½ horse power motor so you can cut through the toughest tile.
We have handheld concrete cutter, walk behind concrete cutter, etc. accessories such as water kits, diamond blades, optional guide, etc, is available upon request. We can offer the perfect performance even in the most strict working condition.
We offer many kinds of core drill, such as hand helded, mounted, angle stand core drill,etc. With Max drill capacity up to 400mm, drill stand with quick lock motor mount, positive locking knob and wheels, Internal oil pump lubricates gearbox and shaft for longer life, Different kinds of stand are available.

Plate compactor series could be used in the narrow place of the wall, roadside, foundation structure, also can be used for compaction asphalt and concrete.

Our tamping rammer offer: Double Cleaner System. Heavy-duty Shock Rubber absorb kickbacks.High-density Polyethylene Fuel Tank eliminate corrosion.Rack and pinion throttle lever.
We supply ride on power trowel and walk behind power trowel. And our power trowel offer:Economical design suitable for small areas, edges and corners.Compact and portable handle for comfortable operation.Screw control accurately ensure the pitch adjustment.Trowel stops shut the engine down in event of operator losing control.Throttle control as a standard part for easy operation.
We offer different kinds of concrete vibrator hose, coupling, and engine, special design available upon request.
We offer other Accessories you need which is the high quality products.