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Core Drill Bits

We have engineering core bits, dry core bits, wet core bits, granite core bits, electroplated core bits, each one suit the certain application and give you a satisfactory performance
Dry core bits cut holes with no breakout and are suitable for brick and concrete blocks. They are ideal for plumbing, electrical, engineering installation and general building tasks.
Wet diamond drill bits are specially designed for use with core drilling machines.These bits also allow faster penetration from hard concrete with reinforced steel to easier to drill materials such as asphalt, brick and block.
Diamond core bits specifically designed for drilling of concrete.With new technology each and every diamond is placed exactly where optimum performance can be achieved.This strategic placement ensures that every diamonds full potential is reached.
Diamond  granite  drill bits are specifically designed for the drilling of granite,marble and other masonry type of material. Laser welded Segment with fast drilling speed, different connections available for popular drilling machine.
Our product features a unique product geometry with a precision tip, high quality carbide and reinforced head that results in best-in-class speed and life when cutting in glass & tile.