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Diamond blades

We have various kinds of diamond saw blades for different applications, quality varies from DIY to Surpremium. We have new developed Arix blade, excellent concrete blade, brick blade, also have small turbo blade with very competitive prices. With detailed requirements from you, just leave us to make the blades!
Concrete blades include ring saw, saw blade for concrete, concrete brazed cutting blade, concrete cutting saw blade, sintered diamond blades for cutting concrete, abrasive concrete cutting blade, arix concrete saw blade
General circular saw blades come with different making procedures, include sintered, hot pressed, brazed, laser welded making.
Laser asphalt blades offer different types of protect teeth for asphalt cutting, wide U slot, wedge segment, carbide insert, slant segment, deep segment, etc.
Masonry blades come with standard bond and special designed segments, different types of core and gullets, new arix technology applied for the saw blade for masonry cutting, offer fast and clean cut and long life.
Wall saw blades up to 3500mm, different bonds and different segments are available upon request. our wall saw suits every needs from your side.
Different making procedures applied for the marble cutting blades, include hot pressed, brazed, laser welded, electroplated and vacuum brazed making, offer wide choices for our customers.
Different making procedures used for the granite cutting blades, include sintered, hot pressed, brazed, laser welded making, also with special designed segments, blade core type, new developed technology in bond. Offer wide choices for our customers.
Our tile tile saw  blades offer fine clean cut, no chipping. We offer different types of tile blade, such as hot pressed continuous rim, with music or hook slot, special design is available.
Crack chaser diamond saw blades are manufactured specifically to efficiently clean out cracks in concrete. With their V-shaped design, crack chasers follow the cracks in concrete slabs, while smoothing out the cracks edges, producing a clean groove, which can easily be filled. Our crack chasers will fit all standard handsaws and grinders.
Tuck Point Blades are used for tuck pointing or reappointing, which is the removal of mortar joints and the preparation of masonry surfaces including concrete, block, bricks, pavers and stone.
Our Glass Circular Saw Cutting Blade Products are designed to cut include but are not limited to glass used for clear window, curtain wall, splash back, tile, glass brick and similar application as well as fiberglass.
Diamond wire saw is mainly used to cut large size or special-shaped stones in quarrying and stone processing. Diamond wire saw provides fast and smooth cutting, and convenient installation. Diamond wire saw have different bonds to meet different needs for cutting materials such as granite, marble, concrete, sandstone, limestone, etc.
Ductile blade is designed for fast cutting cast iron or steel materials. The core surface with electro-plated diamond reduces friction during cutting ductile iron. 5mm segments allow safer operation. Ductile blade can be made laser welded or brazed, and has long service time.