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Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel - Continuous Row Cup Wheel

Diamond grinding cup wheel-continuous row cup wheel suitable for concrete, medium hard granite, soft sand stone, roof tile, brick block, cured concrete and masnory by angle grinder.

1) Cup wheel
2) Coarse, medium, fine frit
3) Size: 4", 5", 7"
4) Arbor: M14, 5/8 thread

Cup Wheel designed for fast rough dry or water-cooling grinding and shaping of marble and granite surfaces, comers.

1) The diamond cup wheels include single row and double row     
2) Applicable for fast grinding, rough debarring and smooth shaping and finishing of stones, masonry materials     
3) Characterized by high working efficiency and using easily    
4) It attaches to hand held grinders and floor polishing machine  
1) High gloss finishes in very short time
2) Never mark the stone and burns the surface of the stone to change the natural color
3) Bright clear light and never fade  
Package & Delivery
1) Carton box for each set.
2) 10-25 day usually, based on the quantity of order.

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