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Drill Bits

We offer drill bits including HSS drill bits,SDS plus drill bits,SDS Max drill bits,masonry drill bits,glass bits,auger bits,boring bits,step bits,etc.The products have been well sold in doreign market due to their reliable and stable quality.

Drill Bits
SDS drill bits,including SDS bits, SDS Plus, SDS Top, SDS Max, offer a wide choice for your applications.Widely used for drilling concrete,clinker,masonry and stone etc.

We can provide different kinds of twist drills including straight shank, parallel shank,taper shank, hex shank, reduced shank and special twist drills.Fast drilling with clean holes.Applied for soft steel,sheet steel and non ferrous metal.

We have many kinds of wood bits, such as twist wood bits, auger bits, flat bits, boring bits, etc. All these drill bits drills with high effeciency and perfect clean holes.
Concrete drill bits, also named masonry drill bits.The tungsten carbide, carbon or cobalt give them an incredibly hard tip for precision drilling and clean holes.It is widely used for concrete,brick etc.
Proffesional drill bits for drilling glass, tile, mirrors and ceramics,cutting perfect  holes with no break or chipping.Tungsten carbide tip and spear point design highly reduce the drilling pressure for cleaner holes.