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Ductile Iron Blade-HLWDT

Ductile iron blade,12 inch saw blade material is ductile iron. The 12 inch saw blade is used for cutting and splitting stone slab, block and cubes. Ductile Iron Blades feature Swirl Electroplated Diamond Side Protection on the core specifically designed to eliminate “pipe pinching”. These Premium grade, Turbo segmented diamond blades deliver a faster, smoother cut of ductile iron pipe than an abrasive blade.


1. Material: best diamond material


2. Craft: electroplated


3. Color Painted


4. Fast cutting ductile iron pipe, etc.

5.  Cardboard box, blister, color box or clam shell


Techinical Data 

Item No. Diameter Width Arbor Segment Height
9HLWDT 230mm 2.4mm 22.23mm 7mm
12HLWDT 300mm 2.4mm 22.23mm 7mm
14HLWDT 350mm 3.2mm 22.23mm 7mm


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