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grinding cup wheels

We have single row cup grinding  wheel, double row cup wheel, turbo cup wheel, fan cup wheel, grinding wheel for special machine for concrete cutting. Special design is available upon request.
Concrete grinding wheel are available in a Single Row wheel,Double Row wheel and Turbo wheel.With feature venting holes for fast, rough, dry or water-cooling grinding with long wheel life. Ideal for surface preparation, edge blending, smooth shaping, finishing, de-burring and tilt wall finishing of masonry surfaces. Used wet or dry with angle grinders and floor grinding machines.
Granite Turbo Cup Wheels for cutting or grinding granite, with special contoured (convex) segments engineered for fast stock removal and to provide easy grinding and shaping of rounded surfaces, corners, angles, and edges. These Granite Turbo Cup Wheels deliver maximum grinding speed with exceptional wheel life and are available in fine, medium or course grit.Used wet or dry with angle grinders and floor grinding machines.
PCD grinding wheel are great for removing surface coatings including epoxies, mastic and glue. deliver fast grinding speed for aggressive coating removal.Used with angle grinders.

CBN is the best suitable grain for grinding hardened steel: You will hardly generate a high temperature, because CBN has an extremely good conductivity for temperature, so the heat generated is dispersed quickly

Diamond Bricks Suitable for grinding and polishing the surface of various of stones slab in automatic machines. With the feature of good polishing efficiency and very long using life in grinding stone slabs.
Router bits named as diamond profiling bits, diamond router bits, stone shaping bits, and diamond profiling router bits. We have sintered router bits, vacuum brazed router bits, router bits for handheld machine with plastic or steel base, different shapes and grits are available.
Router profile, also named as profile wheels, router profile wheels, we have electroplated and vacuum brazed router profile, different shapes and grits are available. Offer you an accurate cut and fine finish.
vacuum brazed drum wheel, sintered drum wheel, resin drum wheel, resin filled drum wheel, zero tolerance drum wheel, etc. Different sizes and grits are available.