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good shock and bending strengths. Cutting wheel for a particular application is very important to obtain a high quality cut surface without burning and with minimal burr. High quality Diamond cutting wheel is good for cutting metal or non metal products.

Resin Bonded Cutting Off Wheel

Resin Bonded Cutting Off Wheel


Resin Bonded Cutting Wheel

Type 41 single and double reinforced mesh. Abrasives: brown aluminum oxide, silicon carbide.
For cutting metal, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, marble and concrete etc.


Item No.

Diameter & Thickness(mm)

Arbor Hole Size(mm)


Max Speed

4 HRCW41





4.5 HRCW41





5 HRCW41





7 HRCW41





9 HRCW41





14 HRCW41





12 HRCW41





16 HRCW41





Resin Bond Cutting Wheels TWD00012

Resin Bond Cutting Wheels TWD00012


Resin Bond Cutting Wheels
Our series of high quality resin bond cutting wheels are designed for different cutting purposes, such as metal cutting, stone cutting, inox cutting, Alu cutting, Copper cutting, etc, which are all on professional cutting performance.

We do those extra thin resin bond cutting wheels for metal and inox cutting, which is our features under our exclusive craftsmanship. Flat typ and depressed type of cutting wheels are available for customer's choice.

Diameter: 70 to 400mm with the thickness 1mm to 8mm.

Our series of resin bond cutting wheels are made of those high quality brown aluminum oxide, It is electrically fused in an arc furnace from a mixture of bauxite at high temperature. It has brown color, high hardness and great toughness. The abrasive tools made of brown aluminum oxide are suitable for grinding and cutting carbon steel, normal alloy steel, malleable cast iron and hard bronze. It used for refractory aluminum oxide linigh mixture, pouring materials cartable, etc.

Our Resin Bond Wheels can be used to cut all kinds of alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals, and also can be sued to cut ceramics, tiles, sem hard stones, concrete, refractory marbles, stone, etc.


"Cutting Wheels"

New trends diamond wheel
Diamond  grinding wheels  is grinding carbide, glass, ceramics, precious stones high brittle materials effects tools. In recent years, with high-speed grinding ultra-precision grinding technology developed rapidly, put a higher demand on the grinding wheel, ceramic resin bonded grinding wheel has been unable to meet production needs, because of its combination of metal bonded grinding wheel, high strength, good formability, long life and other significant characteristics of the production has been widely used. Metal bond diamond wheel manufacturers in different ways according to a major sintering, plating two types.
Vitrified diamond grinding wheel with diamond and vitrified common characteristics, and general corundum, silicon carbide grinding wheel compared to its strong grinding, grinding temperature is relatively low, the wheel wear is relatively small; can be adapted to a variety of coolant The role; grinding wheel to maintain good shape, high precision grind the workpiece; wheel has more holes, grinding will help chip and heat, easy to plug, not burn the workpiece; wheel self-sharpening good, trimming long time interval, relatively easy trimming. Therefore, vitrified diamond grinding wheel used in some foreign countries is increasing.
Sintered metal-bonded grinding wheels mostly bronze and other metals as a binder, with the manufacture of high-temperature sintering method, which combines high strength, good formability, high temperature, thermal conductivity, good wear resistance, long life, can withstand greater loads. Wheel sintering process because inevitably kept the contraction and deformation, so use a facelift before the grinding wheel, but wheel dressing difficult. In recent years, scholars from various countries have launched a special processing method applied metal bond diamond wheel dresser research work, mainly electrolytic dressing, spark trimming method composite dressing method. Electrolytic dressing method is fast, but shaping accuracy is not high; EDM shaping trimming method, high precision, can be either plastic dressing, but the plastic slowly; composite dressing method has spark composite electrolytic dressing, mechanical chemical compound trimming France etc., dressing better, but the system is more complex, so sintered diamond wheel dressing the problem still has not been solved.
Further, since the grinding wheel manufacturing process determines the random surface morphology, each grain geometry, distribution and high degree of inconsistency which the cutting edge, so that only a small number of high grinding the cutting edges cut into the workpiece, the grinding quality of the grinding limit further improve the efficiency.
Choose the right diamond grinding wheel for material processing very large impact

Enterprises in the processing of low iron content of metallic and non-metallic hard and brittle materials, using the correct diamond grinding wheel is particularly important. Then select a diamond wheel should pay attention to, what? Abrasive? diamond blades? Or hardness?
First of all, we have to consider its abrasive texture, iron roller, rubber roller, copper roller. Not the same material must be paired with the corresponding wheel.
Secondly, we need to consider is the choice of particle size, coarse grinding to choose when to coarse-grained diamond grinding wheel and vice versa, in the face of ultra-fine grinding using micronized grinding wheel.
Finally, also take into account the hardness, the wheel wear fast to do the following:
1, find ways to improve the line speed of the grinding wheels.

2, will have to reduce the speed in the pressure roller

3, to improve the speed of longitudinal feed
Different material processing, the use of diamond grinding wheel, only choose the right diamond wheel, can be more effective.

Grinding wheel in what form come to an end
Any abrasive wheel has its use and wear requirements, wear reaches a certain level it is necessary to replace the wheel. Not in order to save material, super wear requires the use of, this is a very unsafe violations. A general rule, should be replaced with a new wheel when the diamond blades  wear to 10mm diameter than the diameter of the chuck.
Between the grinding wheel dressing twice the actual grinding time known as the grinding wheels. Determine the wheel life, visual determination is generally based on the phenomenon worn face. Major phenomena: self-excited vibration grinding process, the surface of the workpiece regenerative chatter marks; grinding noise increases; workpiece surface grinding burn, the grinding force a sharp increase or decrease; precision grinding; grinding surface roughness increases. Phenomenon is mainly due to the grinding temperature is too high so that the workpiece surface roughness and accuracy of thermal damage due to the self-excited vibration caused by decline.
Wheel end-of-life forms: wheel surface passivation - polished state (which will increase the grinding force and grinding heat); wheel jam (prone to vibration or noise until burns); the wheel contour destruction (affect the machining accuracy).
Diamond grinding wheel - Classification

Diamond grinding wheel binder can be divided into: resin bond diamond wheel; ceramic bond Diamond tools; metal bond diamond wheel (bronze bond diamond wheel)
Diamond grinding wheels production process can be divided into: sintered diamond wheel (resin bond diamond wheel; ceramic bond diamond wheel; metal bond diamond wheel); electroplated diamond grinding wheel; brazed diamond wheel.
Diamond wheel grinding method can be divided into: grinding diamond diamond wheel; grinding carbide with diamond wheel (diamond knife grinding wheel); grinding polycrystalline diamond compact diamond wheel; coreless grinder centerless grinding diamond wheel; grinding ceramics cut with a diamond wheel diamond grinding wheel; (also known as the diamond cutting discs); diamond saw.
Diamond wheel appearance or shape can be divided into: parallel to the grinding wheel; cylindrical grinding wheel; cup wheel; bowl grinding wheel; disc wheel; edging grinding wheel; disc.