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Mortar raking-HTP

Mortar raking tuck point diamond blades provide dependable performance for fast cutting speeds and good blade life. Standard Tuck Point Blades are used with angle grinders, circular saws and tuck pointers for mortar and concrete removal. dry and wet use.


1. Best diamond material

2. Craft: sintered/hot pressed

3. Color Painted


4. Cardboard box, blister, color box and clam shell


5. Faster cutting speeds and higher blade life


Techinical Data 
Item No. Diameter Width Arbor Segment Height
4.5HTP6 115mm 6mm 22.23mm 7mm
4.5HTP8 115mm 8mm 22.23mm 7mm
5HTP6 125mm 6mm 22.23mm 7mm
5HTP8 125mm 8mm 22.23mm 7mm
7HTP6 180mm 6mm 22.23mm 7mm
7HTP8 180mm 8mm 22.23mm 7mm


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