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Polishing Pads

Our polishing pad, include dry pad, wet pad, concrete pad, edge pad, with metal grit for 50 to 3000 grit, offer sharp cut and fine finish.
Ideal for use on granite, marble and other stone material. Flexible design makes the polishing pads suitable for complex shapes while producing an amazing deep shine. Available in 3”, 4”, and 5” sizes for both wet and dry applications.
Perfect pads for polishing concrete. These pads are made with high quality diamonds and backer that last longer than other concrete pads in the market. Smooth flexibilty in these make polishing rounded or curved areas easier.
The edge pads are initially designed for polishing a worktop edge on a in-line edge polishing machine, but can also be used for surface polishing. These resin pads will take the polish up to a mirror shine.
Our new generation of polishing system. 3-Step and 5-Step Diamond Polishing Pads to fulfill the polishing jobs.They are designed for use on jobs without using water, but polishing with a small amount of water to wet the object surface will ultimately reach a better result.