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SDS Plus drill bits

SDS plus drill bits,using top quality alloy steel for drilling body and A-degree YG carbide tips.Combined with various types of hammer for your choice,our SDS plus drill bits is one of the most efficient tools for stone,granite,marble,concrete with speed and long work life.


1.Used for hard material like marble,concrete

2.For power tools like Boseh,Hitachi etc.

3.Hardness:47-50 HRV

4.Shaft shape:Hex


Technical Data


Item No. Shape Size(mm)


Point Chisel 14*250
HS102 Point Chisel 17*400
HS103 Point Chisel 17*600
HS104 Groove Chisel 14*250*22
HS105 Flat Chisel 14*250*22
HS106 Flat Chisel 14*250*40
HS107 Flat Chisel 14*250*50
HS108 Flat Chisel 17*400*20
HS109 Flat Chisel 17*600*20

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