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SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits

SDS plus hammer drill bits have 4 grooves, can be used in regular SDS drills or SDS plus drills.

Designed for drilling brick,block,masonry,concrete and granite.


1.Material:42CrMoNi Steel with YG8C Tip

2.Auto Welded and Heat Treatment in Furnace

3.Usage:stone, granite, marble, concrete

4.Size could be customized on your request.


Technical Data

Item No. Shape Size(mm)


Point Chisel 14*250
HS102 Point Chisel 17*400
HS103 Point Chisel 17*600
HS104 Groove Chisel 14*250*22
HS105 Flat Chisel 14*250*22
HS106 Flat Chisel 14*250*40
HS107 Flat Chisel 14*250*50
HS108 Flat Chisel 17*400*20
HS109 Flat Chisel 17*600*20

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