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Sanding Belts

It has three types,sanding belts, flap wheels, flap discs.Sanding belt with different grit material, such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, zirconium oxide, diamond and so on.Any size is available.

aluminum oxide sanding belts used for finishing the surfaces of wood and metal
zirconia alumina sanding belts are ideal for projects that are wet or dry and grinding the  metals which  includes  cast iron and stainless steel.
silicon carbide sanding belts  could smooth  hard materials, such as glass, marble, ceramics, rubber, and stone.


1.Material: Aluminum oxide, zirconia alumina,silicon carbide

2.Backing material: X-weight cloth

3.Application: Wood, metal working, glass,steel draw bench, electronic industry etc.
4.Package:Cardboard box,calm box or as your inquiry
5.Advantage: Any size are available. Fast grinding

 Technical Data

Grit Grade
Used for sanding wood and with automatic machines
10mm~1650mm/any size
80-100 Grit
For wood project, it would be better to start sanding with a grit grade 
from 80 to 100.Because it is good for grinding paint and finishes.
110-150 Grit
110 to 150 sanding belt grit grades  can  solve the task 
which  including wood preparation.
180 Grit
Sander users can begin a softwood-sanding job 
when the grit is 180
300-400 Grit
The level is also best when sanding between varnish coats.
800 Grit or Higher
With a grit level of 800,it means that the sanding belt can complete 
the extremely hard wood, and makes the wood smooth.