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TCT Saw Blades

We have TCT saw blades for wood, for aluminum, for steel, for grass cutting. With accurate angling and high quality carbide, we offer non-chipping and smooth cut, industrial saw blade for cross and universal use, use on table saw machine and auto-machine.
TCT Wood Saw Blade designed for cutting both dry hard and soft wood,shaving board,wood fiber board and joinery panel.Professional producing offers fast cutting and long service life.
Designed for Cutting Stainless Steel.Perfect finishing with anti-chipping edge.Smooth & straight cutting.Long lifespan and stable performance.Good cutting result and high efficiency.
TCT Saw Blade for cutting aluminum and other metal profiles with thickness up to 3mm,such as brass,copper,magnesium etc.

TCT Saw Blade for Grass Cutting. Special holes designed on core highly reduced the noises during use.Because of its high efficiency and good quality,they are widely used for cutting grass at golf court, airport, football court, in gardens, parks etc.